01 December, 2016
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Here are Laura’s scenes from VAN HELSING‘s eleventh episode Last Time. The group is rapidly depleting, and Dmitri (Paul Johansson) were excellent. Laura’s last episode airs on 16 December 2016. And by the way, I do not edit my screencaps. They are supposed to be raw for you to use in your artwork projects.

 04 October, 2016
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A huge thank you to a good friend OdysseyMosaic for passing Laura’s episode onto me. Thanks OM. See, even though the show is filmed here in Canada and features Canadian talent, we don’t get it actually aired here. And I thought we had CanCon Rules. Damn CRTC. Here are the screencaps from Laura’s first aired episode from VAN HELSING where she plays the seductive Rebecca. I have to say it, the makeup is not doing it for me. Laura has beautiful skin and quite frankly, it covers that up. But Laura is amazing as ever. The show is pretty visceral, the horror a lot like a Resident Evil film. Paul Johansson who plays Dmitri I’ve known about since he played Greg Hughes on my favourite soap opera from back in the late 80s/early 90s Santa Barbara with my friend Jon Cypher who played Dr. Arthur Donnelly. Paul also was in two other series I watched Lonesome Dove (both series) and Highlander: The Raven. It’s nice to see him still working and alongside our Laura. Sorry these are late. I’m taking some medication for a bad infection and it’s leaving me a bit woozy and extremely tired. I am doing my website stuff in between moments of narcolepsy. Thanks for your understanding.