26 August, 2016
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Well it’s not like it’s about time! Yeah I know it’s been a long time no update, but I finally got around to making a new layout and posting about it. I hope you like the new layout I’m calling Laura Mennell Online :: Edgy. The first site layout I thought was playful, the second sophisticated. I was going to wait to let you see it after I’d finished the layout on the gallery, but here it is anyway. I’m planning on rolling out a lot of the updates to the gallery slowly. I’ve got a lot of work to do on other sites and I just have to try to apportion my time a little better to get them all done. I’m hoping to do that by the end of the year. For a list of all my sites, you can check them all out in the sidebar to the left under the ExLibris section. Please consider visiting. I’m also in the process of trying to get an update done to my site on Laura’s ALPHAS co-star David Strathairn who played Dr. Lee Rosen to Laura’s Nina Theroux, but so far like Laura here, I’m going to have to do that slowly. So I hope you like the new layout and will like the new format in the posts and sidebar content. Thanks for sticking with me and for being so very patient. You guys are great.

 15 November, 2014
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I found this cute interview with Laura talking about where Nina is at the beginning of season two, and her ALPHAS co-star Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks) at the San Diego Comic Con from 2012, trying to answer questions without spoiling anything lest the SyFy snipers be watching. I really do miss this show. I loved the cast and miss the chemistry between Laura and Warren. I had hoped the two would be able to recapture that on MOTIVE as Samantha Turner and Warren as Mark Cross. Anyone wondering if Laura’s HAVEN character was named after Warren’s MOTIVE character? That’s going to take some searching.

 15 November, 2014
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I’m always apologizing…ah well, sorry I didn’t get these up last night but I went to see the Keanu Reeves film John Wick last night, then to dinner and didn’t get home till late. I capped but then fell asleep. Alas I’m finally here. Laura was packing heat. Looking all Jennifer Garner as Sidney Bristow. Loved the scene with the gun, but it looks like Charlotte is finally getting into the swing of things. I’m so happy Laura is finally getting more scenes. The screengrab is of Laura with the gun. I couldn’t help myself, she just looked so good holding that thing.

 10 November, 2014
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My apologies for not getting these up yesterday, as I planned. It’s been a hectic week with my mom in the hospital and me completely wiped out. I have to say this but Laura is looking gorgeous. I’m loving whoever is doing the clothing on this show. They know how to dress Laura. She’s just statuesque and beautiful. I love the simplicity of her hair and makeup. My gosh this woman does not age. She looks eighteen!


 01 November, 2014
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Well how do we define beautiful? Her name is Laura Mennell. We finally got to see Dr. Charlotte Cross and Laura was just so pretty in her very brief debut. Here’s hoping she has a much larger role in future episodes. But for now, we’ll just love what we saw. I went a little overboard with the screencaps because I thought you guys would like to make some gifs of her. So go ahead and make them. If you do, let me know what he did and let me link them here. I even have her small bit in video format. Please feel free to go to fullscreen to get the full Laura Effect. My apologies for not having this up last night as promised. I had to take my 90 year-old mother to the hospital yesterday morning and was there for thirteen hours and didn’t get home till later after the episode had aired. I was so tired I had a bit to eat and promptly went to bed.


 11 October, 2014
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Laura’s still making news. There’s yet another article about her impending appearance this season as Dr. Charlotte Cross. Please read about our girl.

“Haven” Season 5 Spoilers: Haven Faces More Challenges

Jon Antoni Mendoza

“Haven” Season 5 Spoilers: Haven Faces More Challenges

Last January 2014, Syfy has decided to keep the television series “Haven” for its fifth season, according to previous reports of Poptower and Ismyshowcancelled. The season will run in 26 episodes, which will be in two parts, leaving each part with 13 episodes each. The first half of the fifth season of the series debuted last September 11, 2014.

“Haven” is an American television supernatural series, which is based on the novel “The Colorado Kid” authored by Stephen King. The story is set in Haven, a town at the center of Maine. People gifted with supernatural powers go to the town because it lets them live their lives normally by shutting down their powers. After that, FBI agent Audrey Parker goes to the town to investigate the assassination of a local ex-convict. She uncovers the mysteries within the town as she manages to capture the suspect. After the incident, the people’s resting gifts start to show again.

“Haven”‘s Season 5 cast stars Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, and Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker. Other cast members include Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson, Jayne Eastwood as Gloria Verrano, Richard Donat as Vince Teagues, John Dunsworth as Dave Teagues, Laura Mennell as Charlotte Cross, and Colin Ferguson as William.

The previous season, season four, left the viewers thinking. Haven was hit by a ferocious meteor storm. Audrey and Duke vanished in the air while Nathan was injured and abandoned in the town. William, played by returning actor Colin Ferguson, a mysterious stranger shows up in this season with a secret mission. Eventually, his mission brought him to Audrey Parker.

In the upcoming season, season five, returns with more thrilling events. The protectors of Haven town are plunged into their own issues. Duke will continue fighting within his own dilemmas. Nathan, on the other hand, should face a fear that dominates him. His fear is that Audrey, the woman we wants to save badly, may be lost forever.

According to TvLine report, Haven will be facing a new and strange challenge, which will put the town’s people quiet. More than that, Laura Mennell will be in the show, playing the recurring role of Dr. Charlotte Cross. Cross is an intelligent epidemiologist from CDC who is thinking that Haven is on the edge of a fatal outburst.

Watch the succeeding episodes of “Haven” Season 5 on Syfy. The second half of the series is to be premiered in 2015.


 10 October, 2014
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Some information about Laura’s first appearance on the Halloween episode of HAVEN as the now renamed character of Dr. Charlotte Cross. It was formerly Erin Reid, this being reported by all news media sources. As with my previous stance on spoilers, this article does spoil some information. If you don’t want to read, don’t go beyond this point.

Haven First Look: Alphas’ Laura Mennell Plays Doctor With [Spoiler]

The doctor is in, when Alphas alum Laura Mennell joins Syfy’s Haven — and TVLine has your first look at how she quickly gets “up close and personal” with a couple of the Troubled town’s residents.

Haven now airs Fridays at 7/6c, starting this week, and Mennell makes her debut on Halloween in the recurring role of Dr. Charlotte Cross, a brilliant epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who fears the Maine burg is on the verge of a deadly outbreak. Charlotte is further described as “a force to be reckoned with,” as the main characters are quick to discover. And as Dwight labors to keep Haven’s secrets hidden, the scientist uncovers a genetic marker that just might lead to a cure for the Troubles that torment the town.

This Friday in Haven‘s new time slot premiere: Vince and Dave journey to North Carolina to investigate the mysteries of Dave’s past, but their probing unearths a body swapping trouble that affects our people back in Haven.


 18 June, 2014
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Laura has been signed to the role of Dr. Erin Reid in the fifth season of the Sci-Fi show HAVEN. According to sources, this character will be shaking things up in the show. We look forward to seeing exactly how Laura will be doing that. Congrats to her for the new part.

Laura Mennell in Haven Season 5

By Jacqueline Gutierrez – June, 17th 2014

“Haven” Season 5 returns this Fall 2014, as posted on the Syfy Web site. Laura Mennell has reportedly joined the cast of “Haven” Season 5 as Dr. Erin Reid, an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She learns that there may be a viral outbreak. Read on to learn more about Laura Mennell in “Haven” Season 5.

According to an exclusive report from TV Line, Laura Mennell, who played the character Nina in “Alphas,” which was also shown in Syfy, will be “a force to be reckoned with.” Other “Haven” characters including Duke (Eric Balfour), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) will realize this soon enough.

Meanwhile, Dwight (Adam Copeland) tries to hide the secrets he found out in “Haven.” Will they discover a cure to stop the deadly viral outbreak?

TV Line also reported that the rings that Nathan and Audrey received earlier will play a huge role in “Haven” Season 5. Remember when Nathan got his ring after the death of his father and when Audrey got hers from Vince?

While the cast and crew of “Haven” are very busy filming Season 5, their fans on Twitter, including @wearetroubled, are promoting the show using the hashtag #welovehaven.

“Join us July 25! Please help us get the word out! Let’s get Haven more recognition! #Haven5 #haven #DiscoverHaven pic.twitter.com/S3BTFIsVME,” posted @wearetroubled on its Twitter account.

Could this be the season 5 premiere of “Haven” or will they post the upcoming trailer for “Haven” on July 25, 2014? Who knows, maybe they will also post updates or tributes to the cast and crew on this date?

As of the moment there’s no specific information about the date of the “Haven” Season 5 premiere yet, so all fans can do right now is to just wait and see. To whet the fans’ appetite for the show, spoilertv.com revealed the title of the first episode for “Haven” Season 5 via Instagram. It’s “See No Evil.” It was directed by Shawn Piller and Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness wrote it.

“Haven” is a Canadian/American supernatural TV series based on Stephen King’s novel “The Colorado Kid.” The story revolves around the inexplicable occurrences happening in Haven, a small town in Maine. It stars Emily Rose as FBI Agent Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos and Nicholas Campbell as Garland Wuornos.

The first 13 episodes of “Haven” Season 5 will be filmed in 2014, while the remaining 13 episodes will be filmed in 2015. There are a lot of good reviews from fans all across Canada and U.S. It looks like a lot of people are excited to watch “Haven” Season 5 starting this Fall 2014. For more updates about “Haven” including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news, check out Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.


 31 May, 2014
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Okay, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails on the whole thing that I “spoiled” the fact that Laura’s character of Samantha was murdered in the season finale of MOTIVE. They’ve asked me to use the all dreaded spoiler tag or spoiler space. Here’s the dish on this. I despise the notion of using a spoiler tag or providing a spoiler space. Certainly when making posts on a website such as this there is, or should be, the idea that we are all 1) adults, and 2) able to know things without it tearing the fabric of your life apart. This site will never ever use a spoiler tag, spoiler space, the word spoiler in the title of the post, or not cite what this author of this site feels she needs to in order to fulfill this site’s objective, which is bringing you the most up-to-date information on Laura Mennell and her career. Don’t like it, tough. Don’t like my policy, don’t visit. This issue is final and non-negotiable. I’m as bummed about it as you are as I was very vocal about my love of seeing Laura and Warren Christie finally being able to work their magical selves on us after the aborted Nina/Hicks romance on ALPHAS. Alas it was not to be.

 30 May, 2014
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So I got my reason for not having a lot of Laura this past season. Her character of Samantha was killed in the season finale. Why must the television gods, or more specifically the Laura Mennell/Warren Christie gods be so vengeful. After season two’s revelation in ALPHAS that Nina had gone rogue and Hicks had taken up with Rosen’s (David Strathairn) daughter, Danielle (Kathleen Monroe), I thought with MOTIVE we’d finally get a good bit of story for Laura and Warren to flesh out what was started on ALPHAS. Not to be my friends. Samantha was killed in the MOTIVE season two finale. Damn it all to hell and back. Did I say the television gods hate me? I think what made this episode a little anti-climactic and Samantha’s death not truly being meaningful and Mark’s emotions as a result of her death a little on the dry side is due to the fact we were never really allowed to become too invested in their characters. While Laura and Warren have a chemistry bomb, their sad lack of use and or presence as a main part of the narrative left me, at least, feeling a little dry. While Samantha’s death scene was gut wrenching, I don’t think the impact was as fitting as it might have been. Laura and Warren acted the hell out of it, but nothing could make it any more emotional due to the lack of time spent getting to know them on a personal level. So sad Laura’s gone from the show. Here’s hoping she gets another series or film role soon. You’ll be missed Samantha and Laura.