09 September, 2016
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One of Laura’s early roles of what could be considered a flaky groupie named Desiree from the Showtime series DEAD LIKE ME. The funny part of this is I used to watch the show because of my passion for star Mandy Patinkin dating back to the early 80s when I first heard him as Che Guevara in the musical Evita. Here Laura engages in some questionable behaviour with series star Callum Blue who played the part of Mason, a hapless Reaper who became one due to his experimentation with trepanation, the practice of drilling into the skull to admit more air or oxygen into the brain to try to expand ones’ consciousness. Apparently it didn’t work for Mason.

 08 September, 2016
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I have Laura’s episode of the DC series LEGENDS OF TOMORROW where she played the part of Gail Knox. While it was a blink-and-you-miss-her scene, I did manage to grab enough frames to upload to the gallery. Laura was largely very pretty and I loved how she looks in the 50s era costuming. Reminded me of her role of Jenny Slater in THE WATCHMEN.

 28 August, 2016
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Since I’m late to the party most of you might know that Laura has a role as Rebecca a vampire in the new SyFy series VAN HELSING. You can find out some information in the sidebar about Rebecca and as details are known I’ll post them here. So far Laura is signed to about seven episodes so far. Her first airs on the 29th of September. You can find out more about the show in the sidebar under the NEWS tag. So without further adieu…..


 28 August, 2016
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I’m cleaning up Laura’s work as Samantha Turner on the CTV Network’s series MOTIVE. I was able to finally get some stills from three of her episodes on the series. Enjoy.


 26 August, 2016
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Well it’s not like it’s about time! Yeah I know it’s been a long time no update, but I finally got around to making a new layout and posting about it. I hope you like the new layout I’m calling Laura Mennell Online :: Edgy. The first site layout I thought was playful, the second sophisticated. I was going to wait to let you see it after I’d finished the layout on the gallery, but here it is anyway. I’m planning on rolling out a lot of the updates to the gallery slowly. I’ve got a lot of work to do on other sites and I just have to try to apportion my time a little better to get them all done. I’m hoping to do that by the end of the year. For a list of all my sites, you can check them all out in the sidebar to the left under the ExLibris section. Please consider visiting. I’m also in the process of trying to get an update done to my site on Laura’s ALPHAS co-star David Strathairn who played Dr. Lee Rosen to Laura’s Nina Theroux, but so far like Laura here, I’m going to have to do that slowly. So I hope you like the new layout and will like the new format in the posts and sidebar content. Thanks for sticking with me and for being so very patient. You guys are great.

 18 April, 2016
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On behalf of MESMERISING :: LAURA MENNELL ONLINE I’d like to wish Laura the happiest of days. She turns a beautifully stunning 36 today and here’s hoping she spends the day relaxing with family, friends, and a good bottle of wine…and the best Vegan cake. The best of days Laura.


 18 April, 2015
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On behalf of MESMERISING, I’d like to wish Laura the best of days. She turns a beautiful 35 today and here’s hoping she spends it with those she loves, eats well and celebrates with a nice bottle of wine. And here’s to the vegetarian cake I hope she has a ton of. Happy Birthday Laura. Here’s to many more.

 15 November, 2014
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I found this cute interview with Laura talking about where Nina is at the beginning of season two, and her ALPHAS co-star Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks) at the San Diego Comic Con from 2012, trying to answer questions without spoiling anything lest the SyFy snipers be watching. I really do miss this show. I loved the cast and miss the chemistry between Laura and Warren. I had hoped the two would be able to recapture that on MOTIVE as Samantha Turner and Warren as Mark Cross. Anyone wondering if Laura’s HAVEN character was named after Warren’s MOTIVE character? That’s going to take some searching.

 15 November, 2014
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I’m always apologizing…ah well, sorry I didn’t get these up last night but I went to see the Keanu Reeves film John Wick last night, then to dinner and didn’t get home till late. I capped but then fell asleep. Alas I’m finally here. Laura was packing heat. Looking all Jennifer Garner as Sidney Bristow. Loved the scene with the gun, but it looks like Charlotte is finally getting into the swing of things. I’m so happy Laura is finally getting more scenes. The screengrab is of Laura with the gun. I couldn’t help myself, she just looked so good holding that thing.

 10 November, 2014
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My apologies for not getting these up yesterday, as I planned. It’s been a hectic week with my mom in the hospital and me completely wiped out. I have to say this but Laura is looking gorgeous. I’m loving whoever is doing the clothing on this show. They know how to dress Laura. She’s just statuesque and beautiful. I love the simplicity of her hair and makeup. My gosh this woman does not age. She looks eighteen!