I’m aware there are some sites that are taking my screencaps from the gallery and posting them on their sites as their own. I’m only going to say this once, while I don’t mind you doing so, I’d like to post a credit back to this site for the work I’ve done in bringing you Laura’s work from MOTIVE. I have a ton of HQ images of Laura from ALPHAS but have not posted them due to the proclivity of some to do this very thing. Those images I paid a lot of money for and will not allow them to be taken without some credit given for providing them. I can tell who you are via my control panel inside this site. I can block you from viewing if I choose, which I’m truly hoping I don’t have to do. I’m also hoping I don’t have to take action against those who have done this to stop you from viewing the gallery.

Now onto something that happened tonight via my Twitter account. Someone tweeted me regarding why I’ve ‘suddenly’ started the site back up. I’ve been able to A) get a hold of Laura’s work on MOTIVE and B) I have the time to do so. I am a woman who has family issues and other personal things going on in my life and for a very long time, those things have been taking up a lot of my time. The time I haven’t had to devote to my online pursuits. I finally have that time and since Laura’s work on MOTIVE is not as labour intensive as it was on ALPHAS, I am posting screencaps. It’s that simple. As for this person’s contention I am not ‘friendly’ with Laura’s fans…I am friendly to those who show me respect. I was also told I don’t follow this person’s twitter feed. There may be a myriad of reasons I don’t follow any one Twitter account. Given my busy schedule I have had to un-follow many of the former accounts I have because quite frankly, I just don’t have the time. The accounts I do follow on Twitter are the main ones I want to follow. Again, simple to understand. I also do not and will not have ‘chat’ sessions on Twitter because of their 140 character limit. Makes having meaningful and concise conversations a little hard. Someone even had the audacity to say I might perhaps be jealous of this person’s fan page. I am not. I have built this full-blown site as a dedication to Laura and being a Canadian myself, I wanted to make a site dedicated to her to celebrate that Canadian-ness in us. To whit, I also have a site dedicated to Canadian Aboriginal actor Adam Beach, but have had very little time to work on it due to time constraints. So no one should even think they can glean anything from the activity or non-activity of any of my sites. Lastly, I was asked by this person why I did not accept ‘help’ from this person regarding screencaps from Laura’s other pre-ALPHAS work. Simply, there is a certain way I screencap and there are certain frames I keep in order to show copyright and give that proper credit back to the production company and or creators of the original work. While I cite Fair Use in the sidebar, I also like to give the proper respect to the original creators via providing end cards of production companies, television channels, etc. I also like to include Laura’s name credit in the opening. This way I pay respect to both the original creators and to Laura, herself. Also it’s not my site if all the work that has gone into it is not mine exclusively. This is exactly the reason I will never accept a co-web on any of my sites. I do not trust anyone with my work for a site I pay for. I pay for the domain and the space that houses the site. This is not like starting a Blogspot or Tumblr page for free. I pay for my hosting and my domains. Finally I will not reply to anyone on the Twitter who does not have the decency to write me via this site to discuss issues like these. If you’d like to respond to this post, feel free.

May 03, 2014
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21 Comments to "Screencap Usage & Other Site-Related Things"
  1. John says:

    I dont want any problems with you. I dont understand why you had to do what you did as there is no reason to write lies about me. I did not take any screencaps or photos from your site. They are not in .png quality that I use. My page has some photos I bought from gettyimages.com & photoshelter.com. Not a single photo from your page. I make my own screencaps because I save them in highquality png format.

    I sometimes crop my screencaps so that they fit on twitter better.
    The official twitter for Motive & Laura do not have an issue with how I make screencaps.
    Your free to follow whoever you want, I’ve never aksed you to follow.

    If you could delete that big post about me, I’ll take back what I told Laura about you & what your doing. She will not be happy that your trying to create pointless drama over nothing.
    I will not have a problem with you if you drop the issue & I do not wish to be on bad terms with anyone.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      You assume it was you I was talking about with regards to the screencap theft. It was other people who have come here and taken without giving me credit. I have a specific way of tagging my photos that no one knows. So it was not you I was talking about.

      As for the whole thing about Laura knowing what and what not. The point is there was no need to tell her anything. Understand? I will not take remarks like this lightly because almost all the people I’ve created websites about have not had any issues PERIOD with me over my sites. That you say Laura has any kind of an issue with me because of something YOU said truly saddens me. I have loved Laura since seeing her on ALPHAS and am truly saddened that what started out as a way for me to show that love. That you could in any way make this about me not working on the site or working on the site is moot. The point is here I have a life outside of the internet one. I have a 90 year-old mother I care for and she’s had issues with her declining health I’ve had to see to. I’ve had health issues as well as a brief Cancer scare. Having gotten a clean bill of health I’m now able to get back to my websites.

      It appears to me you beef with me is that I didn’t accept your ‘help’ with screencaps. As pointed out in this post there is a certain way I make my caps as well as the tagging them, plus the extras I put in to make sure I give proper credit to the makers of the medium I’m capping. Like I said, I might as well not even make the site if any portion of the work going into it is not mine. And again this is a full-blown website, not a page on a free host or a social media site aimed at drawing in as many people as possible to create whatever it is they do. My site aims to provide resources for those social media pages, however, it does take some time to screencap as well as edit those caps, then upload to the site, then make the post, then make sure everything is all cleaned up for those fans to have those resources. All I ever ask is for credit when people have used my work in their creations. Again, I did not imply it was you. As for the ‘following of your Twitter account,’ I’ve unsubbed from many of the accounts I follow(ed) precisely because I don’t really have the time to plug through those extraneous tweets when I only want to read the ones from the people I like. That includes Laura.

      Finally that you would even presume to tell Laura anything of what I might or might not be doing tells me one thing about you: You don’t like the competition. You’re mad I’m back and doing what I’m doing. So it’s up to you to make an apology to me for presuming I’m doing something I’m obviously not. This site has been online since August 2012 with almost 4000 hits to my gallery. Your page has been up since July 2013. Unlike your Tumblr page, this website has a custom theme I made as well as original content in terms of the posts I’ve made. The gallery took a very long tie to set up, unlike just inserting things into templates like on the Tumblr pages. I know someone who has a Tumblr page dedicated to an actor we both love, but the one thing she has said that I’ve put far more work into my website dedicated to that actor. This is the amount of love, time and effort I’ve put in. I know I’m providing something for Laura’s fans or possible fans. If Laura believes I’m doing anything because of something you planted in her “ear” then I might have to re-examine the reasons I put this site up.


  2. John says:

    You could have made it clear it was not me, how was I supposed to know that? That is why I sent her tweet about it because it looked like you were trying to start problems by saying I took from you.

    I am not upset your active again. If anything you need to apologize for making a post about me on your site.

    I came here to comment on your gossip of me, yes the part below the part about people taking from you is gossip.

    I told her what you wrote because at the time it looked like you were making claims against me.
    She might come across this post so I provided her with the facts so she knows I didnt take from your site.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      I was making it clear I was not entirely happy with the taking of the images. Again, why did you have to tweet her with the crap you obviously stated about me? Why do that when clearly I did not state it was about you? Why would I provide a link to your Tumblr page in my sidebar then talk trash? You apparently had no issue about talking that trash about me to Laura. What am I supposed to think with you doing that?


  3. John says:

    I am gonna delete the tweet to her & hope that you have calmed down over the whole thing. There was no reason to create gossip about twitter over nothing.

    I am glad you are active again because its another good resource for me to tweet about to get people to check out your site. I was gonna tweet about your site for people to go look it at this morning until I saw what you wrote about twitter.

    I do not see you as competition or anything. Please dont turn this into a you vs me thing.
    I do not want to be on bad terms with you but when you post gossip about another person for people to see you are gonna upset someone like me.

    I dont understand what your all upset about, there is no need to be trying to create drama.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      Deleting your tweet is not going to undo the damage that you made by tweeting Laura to begin with accusations about me! I’ve always been calm. I did not create gossip about you, however, you clearly set out to stir the pot with Laura. And when you tell me you tweeted Laura about me and my ‘supposed’ intentions, what do you think that’s going to do to me? I’m not upset, I’m pissed that you deliberately said something to Laura that is not true. How does that get undone? It can’t.


  4. John says:

    Look at yourself, you posted crap on here about me for her to see when she looks at your website ! That is why I told her, I didnt make anything up about you.

    Anyways you posted about me on here before I said anything on twitter.

  5. John says:

    I only told her about you because of what you wrote on here about me, thats why! You shouldnt gossip about people on twitter & expect them not to get upset about it.
    I wanted to tweet about your site to my followers this morning but when I load the page to copy & paste the Url I see this mean gossip post about me on here.

    Also I have a link to your site on my tumblr page.
    Cant we just forget the whole thing that you started ?

  6. John says:

    She didnt see the tweet, It was deleted. Relax.
    By leaving this post here your trying to keep it from being undone.

    She is rarely on twitter. You really dont have good people skills, you gossiped about your tweets to me on twitter & that upset me.

  7. John says:

    There is no damage done except this post you wrote on here. If she saw my tweet then she also saw yours & looked at this page.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      Deleting your tweet is not going to ‘undo’ it. She already has that in her feed. Just because you’ve deleted the tweet doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen it in her timeline. This post did not appear until you responded to me tweet to Laura. So anything that was stirred up was stirred by you. It’s that simple. Here is what Twitter says about tweets and timelines:

      Definition: A Tweet that begins with another user’s username and is in reply to one of their Tweets, like this: @Support I can’t believe you thought that movie was cheesy!

      Where it appears for the sender: On the sender’s Profile page.

      Where it appears for the recipient: In the recipient’s Mentions and Notifications tabs. Like mentions, @replies will also appear in the recipient’s Home timeline if they are following the sender. Anyone following the sender and the recipient of an @reply will see it in their Home timeline.

      Places it will never appear: On anyone’s profile page, unless they wrote/sent the message.

      Laura will also have a copy of it in her email since it mentions her. So she will see it despite your deletion. If you had come here to ASK me about the post BEFORE you went off to her, then perhaps this might have been avoided. Instead you felt the need to ‘go tell her.’ The one creating this ‘drama’ is you. Not me.


  8. John says:

    I’ve decided to block you on twitter because I cannot spend my time talking to someone who acts disturbed & makes untrue gossip about me on their website for people(including laura)to see. I told her about it because I thought she would see your untrue gossip about me. Her fans on twitter know me to be reasonable & very friendly (have even made some really good friends on there), I’ve never come across a fan more difficult than you.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      And what about the harm done to me by you? How are you going to undo that? And that you refuse to acknowledge that tells me everything I need to know. You will not apologize to me for tweeting Laura about me before coming here to find out what was going on. I’ve been above board. And why call me a ‘difficult fan’? I’ve not tweeted Laura about you. You did that. You apparently had something to unburden yourself with or else you would have come here FIRST to ask me about the post I made instead of assuming it was you I was talking about. I’m willing to let bygones be bygones, but you told me you tweeted Laura. So how again is that supposed to get ‘undone’ magically? And you might notice, I have not ‘blocked’ you from speaking your mind here.


  9. John says:

    ? You posted gossip on here about me many hours before I told her you were gossiping about me.
    The only one who went “OFF” is you.

    • Laura Mennell Online says:


      I posted about SOMEONE. I did not say it was you. Point to where I said it was you? I said it was you? Where I do mention you is what you said about my ‘motives’ regarding starting this site back up in your Twitter feed. So again, that was started by you about me. Unless you’re willing to retract that, this post remains. I do not want this either, but I’m not going to sit here and take crap when I dished no crap. And I’m certain Laura would understand that.


  10. John says:

    I will retract everything if you agree to do the same. I want a peaceful Laura Fandom.
    I made mistake to tell her about ur post but I was sincerly hurt by seeing myself being talked about in reference to twitter.
    I’m still gonna have a link to ur site on my tumblr because I really like the site you made & I like how you are good at creating banners. All I wanted to was to be allys. I was curious because I wanted to know if ur gonna be active so I can share with you some photos I bought from Gettyimages/photoshelter & a photographer who was at VIFF-2013.

  11. John says:

    I am also sorry I thought you were talking about me. I felt hurt & was worried u were gonna try to have my site shutdown. Also I have a dvd copy of one of her movies thats hard to find titled “Scorn” that I could give u images from her scenes but I understand u like to make the caps urself.

  12. John says:

    I am sorry for everything including tweeting to her about ur post on here. I sincerly want to be allys & Laura’s fandom is still growing.

  13. John says:

    Above this comment I’ve said i’m sincerly sorry. I shouldnt have thought u were talking about me with the thing about taking images. I wasnt sure if it was indirectly referring to me & was worried u were gonna try to shutdown my site.

    Do you think you could apologize for writing gossip about tweets referencing me indirectly ? There shouldnt be gossip like that on a fansite & laura would likely agree. Things like this happen when there is gossips about people on a website.
    It was the gossip that upset me, thats all.

  14. John says:

    I only originally responded to this post because I saw myself being referenced about tweets unfairly in a negative way in a post. It happend when I was gonna tweet to followers to check out your website & my feelings were hurt with what I saw written on here.

    Again I am sorry I made the mistake thinking u were saying I took images from your site & that made me worried u were gonna try to shutdown my site & sorry for then tweeting to laura about it. I hope all can be forgiven for our mistakes.

    Anyways I hope we can still be allys.

  15. John says:

    The other night I was only asking to be sure their wont be any jealousy or competition between us so I wont worry about it & I didnt do well in how I asked. I wanted to be sure so I can also trust to let you use the images I bought from gettyimages/photoshelter if you wanted to & also so I know your intentions are the same as mine & ask if u want to post the interview on ur site & if u had a question for me to ask her that I could probally fit in the interview before she reads the interview questions.

    I shouldnt have even asked things & just went with my gut feeling that your ok. I hope you can forgive & we delete this post.

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