15 October, 2016
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I have Laura’s new episode of VAN HELSING where she plays the sultry vamp Rebecca. She is one bad vampire.

 06 October, 2016
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I have a promo for you from Laura’s upcoming show TRAVELERS where she plays the part of ADA Peckham. No word yet on whether Laura’s part will be long term, or just a guest starring role, but considering that her other show VAN HELSING is also filmed in Vancouver, we could hope we get the double does of Ms. Mennell. Laura is not in this promo. The show debuts on October 17, 2016 on the Showcase network in Canada. Not sure what sort of distribution deal it has in the States. Enjoy.

 04 October, 2016
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A huge thank you to a good friend OdysseyMosaic for passing Laura’s episode onto me. Thanks OM. See, even though the show is filmed here in Canada and features Canadian talent, we don’t get it actually aired here. And I thought we had CanCon Rules. Damn CRTC. Here are the screencaps from Laura’s first aired episode from VAN HELSING where she plays the seductive Rebecca. I have to say it, the makeup is not doing it for me. Laura has beautiful skin and quite frankly, it covers that up. But Laura is amazing as ever. The show is pretty visceral, the horror a lot like a Resident Evil film. Paul Johansson who plays Dmitri I’ve known about since he played Greg Hughes on my favourite soap opera from back in the late 80s/early 90s Santa Barbara with my friend Jon Cypher who played Dr. Arthur Donnelly. Paul also was in two other series I watched Lonesome Dove (both series) and Highlander: The Raven. It’s nice to see him still working and alongside our Laura. Sorry these are late. I’m taking some medication for a bad infection and it’s leaving me a bit woozy and extremely tired. I am doing my website stuff in between moments of narcolepsy. Thanks for your understanding.

 22 September, 2016
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I have one scan from Entertainment Weekly from their Fall Preview issue. Here is just a very small blurb on Laura’s new show VAN HELSING. I’ll give you the text of it here, but to see it in its original format, please check out the scan linked here to the gallery.


Imagine waking up from a coma to discover that vampires have conquered the world, you have supernatural abilities, and both the humans and bloodsuckers are vying to control you. That’s the premise ofVan Helsing, which follows Vanessa Van Helsing (True Blood’s Kelly Overton), a descendant ofthe Van Helsing, in a new interpretation of the Dracula mythos that’s entirely unrelated to the Hugh Jackman movie. “We go on this discovery of who she is and if she’s a savior or destroyer,” says Overton. “She doesn’t just come out of the gates like this warrior woman.” The reason both sides want Vanessa is probably because her bite can cure vampirism in a person. “We really dive into the psychology of what it was like for a humanturned-vampire to [become] human again,” she says. Our guess: confusing. SEPT. 23

 16 September, 2016
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I wanted to announce that I have created a site for Laura’s ALPHAS and MOTIVE co-star Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks/Sergeant Mark Cross). And don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming? Come on, ya did! Just like Laura I discovered Warren through coming to ALPHAS via my love of David Strathairn. Warren as impressed me so much with his acting and his obvious handsome little boy looks. He’s a solid actor and I’m looking forward to bringing you more of his work. If you would like to check out the site, please click on the banner below to take you there.

 16 September, 2016
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I swear the television gods must hate me. Seriously. I have Laura’s one episode of GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE in which she played the part of model Marria. Laura looked stunning as usual, though she is 36 in real life she looks 18 in the episode. She’s a natural beauty and without so much makeup she just looks so fresh and lovely. But here’s the reason the television gods must hate me. Laura’s ALPHAS and MOTIVE co-star Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks/Sergeant Mark Cross) was in this series throughout the first season and one episode in the second season, and here’s the rub…they weren’t in the same episode and they didn’t share a steamy hot love scene! Can the television gods be any more vengeful? I don’t think so. Ah well!

 09 September, 2016
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One of Laura’s early roles of what could be considered a flaky groupie named Desiree from the Showtime series DEAD LIKE ME. The funny part of this is I used to watch the show because of my passion for star Mandy Patinkin dating back to the early 80s when I first heard him as Che Guevara in the musical Evita. Here Laura engages in some questionable behaviour with series star Callum Blue who played the part of Mason, a hapless Reaper who became one due to his experimentation with trepanation, the practice of drilling into the skull to admit more air or oxygen into the brain to try to expand ones’ consciousness. Apparently it didn’t work for Mason.

 08 September, 2016
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I have Laura’s episode of the DC series LEGENDS OF TOMORROW where she played the part of Gail Knox. While it was a blink-and-you-miss-her scene, I did manage to grab enough frames to upload to the gallery. Laura was largely very pretty and I loved how she looks in the 50s era costuming. Reminded me of her role of Jenny Slater in THE WATCHMEN.

 28 August, 2016
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Since I’m late to the party most of you might know that Laura has a role as Rebecca a vampire in the new SyFy series VAN HELSING. You can find out some information in the sidebar about Rebecca and as details are known I’ll post them here. So far Laura is signed to about seven episodes so far. Her first airs on the 29th of September. You can find out more about the show in the sidebar under the NEWS tag. So without further adieu…..


 28 August, 2016
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I’m cleaning up Laura’s work as Samantha Turner on the CTV Network’s series MOTIVE. I was able to finally get some stills from three of her episodes on the series. Enjoy.