18 June, 2014
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Laura has been signed to the role of Dr. Erin Reid in the fifth season of the Sci-Fi show HAVEN. According to sources, this character will be shaking things up in the show. We look forward to seeing exactly how Laura will be doing that. Congrats to her for the new part.

Laura Mennell in Haven Season 5

By Jacqueline Gutierrez – June, 17th 2014

“Haven” Season 5 returns this Fall 2014, as posted on the Syfy Web site. Laura Mennell has reportedly joined the cast of “Haven” Season 5 as Dr. Erin Reid, an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She learns that there may be a viral outbreak. Read on to learn more about Laura Mennell in “Haven” Season 5.

According to an exclusive report from TV Line, Laura Mennell, who played the character Nina in “Alphas,” which was also shown in Syfy, will be “a force to be reckoned with.” Other “Haven” characters including Duke (Eric Balfour), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey (Emily Rose) will realize this soon enough.

Meanwhile, Dwight (Adam Copeland) tries to hide the secrets he found out in “Haven.” Will they discover a cure to stop the deadly viral outbreak?

TV Line also reported that the rings that Nathan and Audrey received earlier will play a huge role in “Haven” Season 5. Remember when Nathan got his ring after the death of his father and when Audrey got hers from Vince?

While the cast and crew of “Haven” are very busy filming Season 5, their fans on Twitter, including @wearetroubled, are promoting the show using the hashtag #welovehaven.

“Join us July 25! Please help us get the word out! Let’s get Haven more recognition! #Haven5 #haven #DiscoverHaven pic.twitter.com/S3BTFIsVME,” posted @wearetroubled on its Twitter account.

Could this be the season 5 premiere of “Haven” or will they post the upcoming trailer for “Haven” on July 25, 2014? Who knows, maybe they will also post updates or tributes to the cast and crew on this date?

As of the moment there’s no specific information about the date of the “Haven” Season 5 premiere yet, so all fans can do right now is to just wait and see. To whet the fans’ appetite for the show, spoilertv.com revealed the title of the first episode for “Haven” Season 5 via Instagram. It’s “See No Evil.” It was directed by Shawn Piller and Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness wrote it.

“Haven” is a Canadian/American supernatural TV series based on Stephen King’s novel “The Colorado Kid.” The story revolves around the inexplicable occurrences happening in Haven, a small town in Maine. It stars Emily Rose as FBI Agent Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos and Nicholas Campbell as Garland Wuornos.

The first 13 episodes of “Haven” Season 5 will be filmed in 2014, while the remaining 13 episodes will be filmed in 2015. There are a lot of good reviews from fans all across Canada and U.S. It looks like a lot of people are excited to watch “Haven” Season 5 starting this Fall 2014. For more updates about “Haven” including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news, check out Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.


 31 May, 2014
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Okay, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails on the whole thing that I “spoiled” the fact that Laura’s character of Samantha was murdered in the season finale of MOTIVE. They’ve asked me to use the all dreaded spoiler tag or spoiler space. Here’s the dish on this. I despise the notion of using a spoiler tag or providing a spoiler space. Certainly when making posts on a website such as this there is, or should be, the idea that we are all 1) adults, and 2) able to know things without it tearing the fabric of your life apart. This site will never ever use a spoiler tag, spoiler space, the word spoiler in the title of the post, or not cite what this author of this site feels she needs to in order to fulfill this site’s objective, which is bringing you the most up-to-date information on Laura Mennell and her career. Don’t like it, tough. Don’t like my policy, don’t visit. This issue is final and non-negotiable. I’m as bummed about it as you are as I was very vocal about my love of seeing Laura and Warren Christie finally being able to work their magical selves on us after the aborted Nina/Hicks romance on ALPHAS. Alas it was not to be.

 30 May, 2014
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So I got my reason for not having a lot of Laura this past season. Her character of Samantha was killed in the season finale. Why must the television gods, or more specifically the Laura Mennell/Warren Christie gods be so vengeful. After season two’s revelation in ALPHAS that Nina had gone rogue and Hicks had taken up with Rosen’s (David Strathairn) daughter, Danielle (Kathleen Monroe), I thought with MOTIVE we’d finally get a good bit of story for Laura and Warren to flesh out what was started on ALPHAS. Not to be my friends. Samantha was killed in the MOTIVE season two finale. Damn it all to hell and back. Did I say the television gods hate me? I think what made this episode a little anti-climactic and Samantha’s death not truly being meaningful and Mark’s emotions as a result of her death a little on the dry side is due to the fact we were never really allowed to become too invested in their characters. While Laura and Warren have a chemistry bomb, their sad lack of use and or presence as a main part of the narrative left me, at least, feeling a little dry. While Samantha’s death scene was gut wrenching, I don’t think the impact was as fitting as it might have been. Laura and Warren acted the hell out of it, but nothing could make it any more emotional due to the lack of time spent getting to know them on a personal level. So sad Laura’s gone from the show. Here’s hoping she gets another series or film role soon. You’ll be missed Samantha and Laura.


 30 May, 2014
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Once again, Laura was only on for a brief second. I think one could add up all her scenes throughout season two and come up with about ten minutes worth of footage. I know I shouldn’t be mad, but I was hoping the powers that be would see what a gift Laura was and boost her scenes. Not likely. Alas. She looked flawless as usual.


 21 May, 2014
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Here’s hoping Laura will be back in a bigger capacity. This is good news for her.

Canada’s CTV Renews ‘Motive’ for Third Season

The detective procedural, which also airs on ABC’s summer schedule, gets the latest 13-episode order ahead of a May 29 season season finale.

TORONTO – Canada’s CTV has ordered a third season of the homegrown crime-solving drama Motive, which also airs on ABC’s summer schedule.

The detective procedural, from Dexter and Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone, will return to production on another 13 episodes in Vancouver this fall.

Motive focuses on discovering the intent of the crime before identifying the criminal, and has averaged an impressive 1.3 million viewers during its second season on CTV, which ends on May 29.

The drama from Foundation Features and Lark Productions stars Kristin Lehman as Angie Flynn, a detective and single mom, while her detective partner is played by Louis Ferreira.

Lauren Holly, Warren Christie, Valerie Tian and Brendan Penny also star.

ABC earlier renewed Motive for a second season, to start on Wednesday at 10 p.m., but has yet to reveal its hand on a third season.


 21 May, 2014
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Sorry this is late. I didn’t have access to my computer to make the screencaps and to upload. So here we are now. Man did Laura and Warren have a volatile confrontation. She even gave him the stink eye on her exit. I’m including the video and hope you like seeing them together as much as I did.


 10 May, 2014
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One more for you for the weekend. I thought I’d cap up Laura’s scenes in the film WATCHMEN. Here she played Dr. Janey Slater who was in love with Billy Crudup’s character of Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman. May I say next to the Engineers in the film Prometheus, Crudup fulfilled so many naughty thoughts. Though I’m a huge Marvel fan, I’d have to say that this film was enjoyable to watch. So many characters particularly Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character of Edward Blake/Comedian to chew scenery as Morgan is so capable of doing. Laura looked so petty here. The scene where she threw the earrings at Manhattan was sad. Stop doing that to me Laura. The screencaps are from the BluRay version with a resolution of 1920×800. I hope you like.



 10 May, 2014
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Once again Laura had a blink and you miss her scene. I’d love it if they finally got wind to the fact that Laura is an amazing actress and gave her more than one scene per episode. I know, I’m whining. Funny Laura as Samantha Turner puts me a lot in mind of the part of Casey Novak from the NBC show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit played by the beautiful Diane Neal. Something in the way both ladies are statuesque and look lovely in heels. Looks like more of Warren Christie next week. Here’s hoping more of Laura too.


 10 May, 2014
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I have several additions to the gallery featuring Laura’s television work. Among the new additions are her appearances in REPUBLIC OF DOYLE in a really funny episode featuring Ontario native, Victor Garber. The next is Laura in FRINGE in a very gut wrenching performance. The last is Laura from 2009 and EUREKA looking lovely as usual.



 03 May, 2014
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I’m aware there are some sites that are taking my screencaps from the gallery and posting them on their sites as their own. I’m only going to say this once, while I don’t mind you doing so, I’d like to post a credit back to this site for the work I’ve done in bringing you Laura’s work from MOTIVE. I have a ton of HQ images of Laura from ALPHAS but have not posted them due to the proclivity of some to do this very thing. Those images I paid a lot of money for and will not allow them to be taken without some credit given for providing them. I can tell who you are via my control panel inside this site. I can block you from viewing if I choose, which I’m truly hoping I don’t have to do. I’m also hoping I don’t have to take action against those who have done this to stop you from viewing the gallery.

Now onto something that happened tonight via my Twitter account. Someone tweeted me regarding why I’ve ‘suddenly’ started the site back up. I’ve been able to A) get a hold of Laura’s work on MOTIVE and B) I have the time to do so. I am a woman who has family issues and other personal things going on in my life and for a very long time, those things have been taking up a lot of my time. The time I haven’t had to devote to my online pursuits. I finally have that time and since Laura’s work on MOTIVE is not as labour intensive as it was on ALPHAS, I am posting screencaps. It’s that simple. As for this person’s contention I am not ‘friendly’ with Laura’s fans…I am friendly to those who show me respect. I was also told I don’t follow this person’s twitter feed. There may be a myriad of reasons I don’t follow any one Twitter account. Given my busy schedule I have had to un-follow many of the former accounts I have because quite frankly, I just don’t have the time. The accounts I do follow on Twitter are the main ones I want to follow. Again, simple to understand. I also do not and will not have ‘chat’ sessions on Twitter because of their 140 character limit. Makes having meaningful and concise conversations a little hard. Someone even had the audacity to say I might perhaps be jealous of this person’s fan page. I am not. I have built this full-blown site as a dedication to Laura and being a Canadian myself, I wanted to make a site dedicated to her to celebrate that Canadian-ness in us. To whit, I also have a site dedicated to Canadian Aboriginal actor Adam Beach, but have had very little time to work on it due to time constraints. So no one should even think they can glean anything from the activity or non-activity of any of my sites. Lastly, I was asked by this person why I did not accept ‘help’ from this person regarding screencaps from Laura’s other pre-ALPHAS work. Simply, there is a certain way I screencap and there are certain frames I keep in order to show copyright and give that proper credit back to the production company and or creators of the original work. While I cite Fair Use in the sidebar, I also like to give the proper respect to the original creators via providing end cards of production companies, television channels, etc. I also like to include Laura’s name credit in the opening. This way I pay respect to both the original creators and to Laura, herself. Also it’s not my site if all the work that has gone into it is not mine exclusively. This is exactly the reason I will never accept a co-web on any of my sites. I do not trust anyone with my work for a site I pay for. I pay for the domain and the space that houses the site. This is not like starting a Blogspot or Tumblr page for free. I pay for my hosting and my domains. Finally I will not reply to anyone on the Twitter who does not have the decency to write me via this site to discuss issues like these. If you’d like to respond to this post, feel free.