05 October, 2016
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There is a show on the Bravo! channel called The Actors Studio with James Lipton. Each week he takes an actor or actress down memory lane into their careers. Some of his alumni have included Gene Hackman, Jane Alexander, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, and many other amazing actors and directors. Before turning the subject over to his students, Lipton runs past them the questionnaire created by the French essayist Bernard Pivot where we learn some of the inner mind of the subject. I asked Laura if she would be willing to do it, and she graciously agreed to take it on. So here are her answers in the bold type. I’ll add my own after hers. So enjoy. And Laura, thank you for your kindness and beautiful heart.


I love that you want to do these quintessential Actors Studio questions! Such a fantastic idea, Dianne.

1. What is your favorite word?
I really love the word ‘luminous’, the way it slips off the tongue, its so beautifully descriptive in its meaning. But I must say, I use ‘lovely’ far more. In fact… maybe even too often! Coming from me, its one of the best compliments to give someone. Its not necessarily visual, but more of an overall essence of someone and their energy. I thought it was my own thing, until I noticed my mother using it as consistently as I do. It’s strange when you unconsciously pick up little traits from parents without even noticing. Does this mean I’m becoming my mother?!

2. What is your least favorite word?
I don’t have a specific word I loath, but I hate when people use feminine language in a derogatory way. “You throw like a girl” or “You’re such a pussy”… drives me nuts! Especially having little girls hear things like that and feel the repercussions of it, they’re bound to be affected by it. Women aren’t weak and our lady bits go through some pretty heroic moments in life.. child birth being one of them… you gotta be tough for that, right?! And there are so many tough-ass female athletes out there. Most of the time, people don’t mean anything by it and aren’t really thinking about the connotations. Honestly, I think words and the way they’re used, shape the way we think.

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Generosity of spirit. Openness. Truthfulness. Vulnerability. All the best artists have those qualities and the best human beings for that matter. Shines through the work of a lot of great performers.

4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Abuse. Be it verbal or physical. There’s far too much negativity. Life really can be a beautiful thing. We need to celebrate each other as equals. Regardless of race, gender, economic status… We really are one and should never abuse others. And we also need to stop hurting our planet and the animals inhabiting it. Respect, empathy and mindfulness should be placed in high regard, instead of hierarchy and dominance over others — that really turns me off.

5. What sound or noise do you love?
Cat noises – particularly ones made by my very own Louie. Purring: all the strange and wonderful meows and quirky sounds cats make. The way our furry friends communicate with us can really sooth and entertain all at the same time.

6. What sound or noise do you hate?
Cracking knuckles make me feel a little uneasy and faint. I never get why people do that. It’s bizarre to me. Snapping bones and cartilage totally gross me out.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Fuck… (sorry Mom, I know you hate it!) it’s just so satisfyingly descriptive. When you are really fucking mad, there’s no better word to spew out, right?!

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I love animals so much. Probably being a caretaker at an animal sanctuary of some sort. I’ve been so excited visiting places like Animal Sanctuary in Acton California or this weird but wonderful little Airbnb off Melrose in LA. These places make me so happy and the idea of sharing a safe place and love with animals who’ve been mistreated makes me happy.

9. What profession would you not like to do?
Mathematician. Math was the only subject that made me cry in high school. I hate numbers, I’m much more of a creative and visual person.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
He/She would hopefully say something like “Thanks for being you”.

So now, here are mine in a quid-pro-quo:

1. What is your favorite word?
I think the one word that encompasses everything I believe is: Hope. Hope in the goodness that this big old blue marble will keep turning despite stupid humans who want to destroy it.

2. What is your least favorite word?
No. I’ve always hated the word so much. I had it said to me enough in everything I wanted to accomplish, so naturally if someone says it to me, I push back. Just my Leonine nature.

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Anything that is positive and nurturing.

4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
My own ability to procrastinate. I have this stupid side of me that precludes me from getting the things done that need to be done, so therefore I self-sabotage.

5. What sound or noise do you love?
Like Laura, my little baby girl Coco’s meows, sounds of her paws on the carpet as she runs up and down the hallway, even the sound of her scratching in her litterbox, and her “plinking” sounds when she drops a piece of her food on the side of her dish. I also love her snores that usually accompany my partner’s at night when all is still and quiet.

6. What sound or noise do you hate?
The sound of an animal when they’re in stress. My heart just can’t take it when I know an animal is outside alone, at night and their human caregiver has left them out. Also yelling at children. I just cannot stand it when someone thinks they can yell at a child and think it won’t matter. It does.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
I have many, though I’d have to say Laura’s is also mine. The beautiful FUCK! Like Laura, my saying that was always the bone of contention between my mother and me when she was alive. I also have combinations of it depending on the occasion such as “Fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck” or “Fuck-a-doodle”. It’s really a beautiful word. However, if I had my choice, I’d pick all the George Carlin “Seven Words You Can’t Say On Television”.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Mountaineer. Director. Screenwriter. I would love to say I’d love to get into something to do with animals, like Laura, but I could never take it if one died under my watch. That would be so soul taking to me as I believe animals are such unique, and precious souls. I love elephants and big cats, and if I wasn’t so scared to lose them, I’d love to have a big cat and elephant sanctuary where any and all big cats and elephants could come to live and be allowed to be who they naturally are.

9. What profession would you not like to do?
I already did it: ACCOUNTING! I had my CPA and hated it with a white hot passion. It’s the most tedious thing I’ve ever done and was so glad to have bid it a fine adios. It’s the most boring job I ever had and would never have it again. I now just stick to my simple household budgets.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
“You thought I was a fake? A lot you know……”

So there are my answers. Not too sure if they’re revealing, but there you have it. Again, many thanks to Laura for doing this.

 18 April, 2017
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On this day I’d like to wish Laura the Happiest of Birthdays. She turns a lovely 37 today and here’s hoping she has a great one with good drink, good friends, a vegetarian cake and her little Louie. All my best.

 13 February, 2017
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This didn’t take long. Laura has just announced that they’ve started filming season two of VAN HELSING. Looks like we might not have to wait long to find out what kind of bad-assery Rebecca will be up to. Poor Vanessa.

 08 February, 2017
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Some news on VAN HELSING season two. According to Den of Geek, the show will return in late 2017, and like the first season will consist of thirteen episodes. More below.

Van Helsing Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, and More

During the long wait until Van Helsing season 2, stay tuned for the release date of the premiere, cast announcements, and other news!

Syfy has officially confirmed that Van Helsing season 2 will happen in 2017. Like the first, Van Helsing season 2 will run for 13 episodes. If you missed our reviews of season 1 and other news surrounding the show, you can catch up here. In the meantime, fans are anticipating a release date and news of added cast members.

“It’s with great pleasure and extreme excitement that all of us involved with Van Helsing receive the news of a pick-up for a second season, especially this early in our initial run,” said Showrunner Neil LaBute in a statement in October. “We have a wonderful and terrifying road ahead planned for Vanessa, her allies and her enemies. I think this is a world and a story that can be sustained for many years and I am inspired to do so thanks to Syfy’s obvious trust and commitment in the storytellers, cast and crew. The team is very thankful and ready to go—ready to get back on the road to Denver and to spill a lot of blood along the way.”

“We could not be more thrilled to receive a second season nod from our friends at Syfy,” added Chad Oakes, Executive Producer and Co-Chairman of Nomadic Pictures. “The incredibly talented cast, director, and writers, all lead by our fearless leader Neil LaBute, worked tirelessly to deliver us an amazing first season. We cannot wait to roll up our sleeves and continue this journey together.”

Van Helsing Season 2 Teaser

During the long hiatus before Van Helsing season 2 arrives, Syfy has given fans the following teaser to entice everyone to stay tuned until the show returns.


 08 February, 2017
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Here are the screencaps to Laura’s episode of the Canadian show TRAVELERS where she played the part of ADA PECKHAM. It was a one-off as I’m not sure if she will be making a return visit.

 08 February, 2017
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I’ve finally uploaded Laura’s final episode of VAN HELSING where she plays the part of Rebecca. It Begins was directed by actress Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Carter, Stargate: SG1) and finally saw the stand-off between Rebecca and Vanessa (Kelly Overton). And may I say what a low-blow there Rebecca in producing Vanessa’s daughter, Dylan (Hannah Cheramy). I’ve also uploaded two sets of HIRES stills for two episodes, updated an album with a promotional image, as well as updated two promotional images with HIRES versions. Also to let you know, none of the screencaps have been modified outside of their original format. The reason I do not edit them is because that is up to those who want to create your own artwork. By the way if you do create any with the screencaps/stills from the gallery, please don’t forget to credit back to the site. Also if you want to show off your work, I would love to add them to the Icon gallery for the site. So please use the Contact & Feedback form to submit.

 25 January, 2017
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I know I’m late to the dance with this bit of news, but I’ve been trying to update all my sites with new layouts and also I’ve had some personal things going on that have required my focus elsewhere. My partner was hospitalized with a bad virus that almost took her life. In the process of diagnosing her virus, they found that she also had a previously undiagnosed heart condition. She is to undergo surgery for it next week. So for the next little while I’ll be focused on her recovery from that. If anything on Laura does come up, I’ll try to post. I know I still have her TRAVELERS screencaps as well as her final VAN HELSING episode, plus some HQ stills I was able to get from the show. Please be patient as I get my backlog cleared.

Police Mom starts filming in Oak Bay

Oak Bay will soon have a new police officer on duty, but you won’t find Laura Mennell’s name on the district’s payroll or wearing its police department uniforms.

When the Surrey-born actor starts cruising the streets of Oak Bay Village, she’ll be doing it as the star of Police Mom, a made-for-TV movie that begins a 14-day shoot in the capital region today.

“It’s a woman-in-jeopardy project,” says producer Amar Balaggan, whose crime drama is being produced by Police Productions Inc. and Odyssey Media Inc. for Lifetime.

Mennell, best known for her work on the SyFy shows Alphas and Haven and movies including Flight 93 and Watchmen, plays an officer who cares for the daughter of a murder witness because the witness is hospitalized after being shot by the killer. While the police hunt down the drug dealer who pulled the trigger, he is hellbent on finding and eliminating the eyewitness.

“There will be shootouts, but no big car chases,” said production manager Rob Willey, the local musician and filmmaker whose own wilderness thriller, Dark Cove, has just been released on platforms including iTunes.

Police Mom has a supporting cast including Aaron Pearl (Bates Motel, The Killing), Marcus Rosner (Mistresses, Infidelity in Suburbia) and Naomi Simpson.

Greater Victoria will be passed off as Portland, Oregon, and other locales in the Pacific Northwest and California.

“Victoria has such beautiful locations that are hard to find elsewhere,” said Balaggan, whose producing credits include Justice Unleashed, Campus Caller and the teen vampire movie Forever 16.

The Vancouver-based filmmaker was also line producer on Suddenly, Uwe Boll’s 2013 thriller starring Ray Liotta, Erin Karpluk and Michael Paré about assassins who pose as U.S. Secret Service agents.

“We’d like to hire more people and train them because we hope to do other projects here,” said Balaggan, whose other potential local films would be produced through his own company.

 02 December, 2016
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Laura’s film THE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT just aired again here in Canada and I had the chance to not only catch it, but record it and screencap it for the gallery. Here she plays Rebecca…. Does that name sound familiar? Laura is the ex of the male star Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan Lavery on the soap opera All My Children). Just for once I’d love it if Laura played the main female who gets the guy. In at least three instances she was the loser. The first was with Hicks (Warren Christie) in ALPHAS, A COUNTRY WEDDING and here in this film. She needs to be the object of affection for once. Here that casting directors? Rant over.

 01 December, 2016
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Here are Laura’s scenes from VAN HELSING‘s eleventh episode Last Time. The group is rapidly depleting, and Dmitri (Paul Johansson) were excellent. Laura’s last episode airs on 16 December 2016. And by the way, I do not edit my screencaps. They are supposed to be raw for you to use in your artwork projects.

 30 November, 2016
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Laura gave an interview with SciFi & TVTalk on her role of Rebecca from VAN HELSING. Here Laura discusses the character and her motivations, also how she got the part, and how she researched to play the part. She also discusses the good vibes she received from the producers on her role. Read on.

Predator & Prey – Interview with Van Helsing’s Laura Mennell

From the will-bending Nina Theroux in Alphas, to the otherworldly Dr. Charlotte Cross in Haven, and prosecuting attorney Samantha Turner in Motive, Laura Mennell always manages to captivate as well as entertain audiences with her varied and multi-layered performances. She is doing so yet again in her current role as the seductive, cunning and bloodthirsty vampire Rebecca in Van Helsing. The Canadian-born actress’s sharp-toothed TV alter ego has very wisely secured a place for herself at the top of her kind’s food chain in an apocalyptic world where vampires have taken over and are using what remains of humanity to sustain themselves as well as satisfy their other dark and twisted desires. For Mennell, both the show (which was recently renewed for a second season) and the character were as irresistible as blood types A, B or O are to Rebecca.

“I first heard about Val Helsing when asked to audition for the character of Rebecca, but then I began to learn more about the series and thought there was so much potential with it,” notes Mennell. “Neil LeBute was attached to the show [as creator/executive producer], and he’s done so many amazing projects, including [the 2001 feature film] The Shape of Things, which I personally love. There’s such interesting subtext to his writing and you have people playing games with each other, both of which add a tremendous amount of depth to a story. Van Helsing is so different from his other work, and I just thought that Neil would be able to put a new spin on the whole vampire genre.

“That alone was pretty much a good reason for me to want to become involved with the show, and I also felt that the role of Rebecca would be such fun as well as out of the ordinary for me. Quite frankly, I loved the idea of doing something a lot darker and edgier. That’s the joy of being an actor – you get to try new things. I had played a vampire before, which was great, but it was more of a Victorian, romanticized and traditional version. So I was excited to see Val Helsing was breaking the mold and aiming for something far grittier and raw. That’s a big part of why I decided to jump onboard.”

In Van Helsing’s series opener, Help Me, which is set in 2019, it has been three years since “The Rising,” when Earth was overrun by vampires following a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone that released black ash into the atmosphere and filtered out most of the sunlight. Hidden away inside a barricaded hospital and kept under guard, Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton), a single mother and descendant of the world’s most famous of all vampire hunters, suddenly wakes from a coma. Despite suffering major blood loss and life-threatening wounds – the result of a vampire attack in 2016 – she now appears to be completely healed. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, her blood not only increases her body’s natural regenerative abilities, but can also transform a vampire back into a human. News of her existence reaches the local vampire broods, including one led by Dimitri (Paul Johansson), a powerful and influential bloodsucker who, along with his cohort Rebecca, wants to know more about this potential threat to their future. Mennell had quite a memorable introduction to the show’s post-apocalyptic world as well as her character.

“First of all, I was incredibly impressed by just how accessible and really engaged all the producers were, along with, of course, the rest of the cast as well as crew,” says the actress. “Here was an easygoing group of professionals who all loved this project and were genuinely working hard to make it happen, which is another reason why it was so great to find out that the show had been picked up for another season. As far as my first day on-set, the first scene I shot was the one where Rebecca devours the poor young man in her vampire lair. So I wasn’t really given much of a chance to sort of gently and leisurely dip my toe into this new world. I pretty much jumped into the deep end with everyone else from the moment I started, and we ended up having a lot of weird and yet darkly wonderful fun.

“When it comes to my character, Rebecca is very fierce, displays oddly animalistic tendencies, and can be seductive in order to have her needs met. Rebecca is also obsessive about maintaining her own hierarchical position in the vampire order, and to do so, she must constantly appease Dimitri. That’s kind of her in a nutshell. Acting-wise, I guess one of the challenges for me when initially stepping into this role was rationalizing, if you can, those bloody moments when vampires go in for the kill. I wanted to wrap my head around that a little bit more in a creative way to better feed my imagination when playing her.

“So I did some research on animals when they hunt and what’s called their prey drive. That’s when things started to click for me. I mean, my little cat is normally the sweetest guy in the world, but I’ve watched as he suddenly becomes transfixed when his hardwired predatory habits take over. Being a vegetarian, I have some horrible memories of seeing him behave that way, but that was also oddly helpful to me in getting into my character’s headspace at the beginning of the season. Rebecca exhibits some pretty strange vampiric behavior and she’ll definitely maintain quite a dark and bizarre presence throughout the season.”

While Dimitri and Rebecca are both equally interested in finding Vanessa and learning more about her, they may not be in total agreement as to why this is so vital to them and their kind. “There is no denying that Dimitri is the ringleader,” says Mennell. “He’s been around longer than anyone, and I’ve always felt that he sought out Rebecca and groomed her for the position she’s in today. Yes, she’s clearly in a power position because of him, but Rebecca is also a cunning and strong vampire who’s proven that she owns that position.

“So their relationship is a fascinating one, and I think it’s also fun to watch as they search for Vanessa. This mysterious woman is almost like a human/vampire hybrid, although obviously more human, and the mere thought of someone who can to turn vampires back into humans is amazing. Now, you would assume that she would be seen simply as a threat, but I thought it was interesting when Rebecca said that Vanessa could, in fact, be their future. My character is trying to convince Dimitri that this woman could be the key to maintaining or heightening the vampires’ existence to wherever they go from here. So Vanessa could be of great worth to them, and I think it’s going to be an interesting ride for the audience to see where Rebecca and Dimitri go when it comes to Vanessa.”

With Van Helsing’s season one finale still weeks away, is there anything spoiler-free that Mennell can reveal about what fans can look forward to? “The season finale is incredible and Kelly Overton is just fantastic in it,” enthuses the actress. “She’s the perfect kickass heroine and I love to watch her work. There’s a great deal of action in this episode and I think the fans are going to love it. We have an awesome stunt coordinator, Kimani Ray Smith, and he really outdid himself with this one. His work shines throughout the whole season, but what Kimani put together for the season finale is fantastic. Again, it’s such a great episode and pretty epic.”

Besides Van Helsing, the actress can be seen in an upcoming episode of the new Sci-Fi series Travelers (currently airing on Canada’s Showcase Network and coming to the States this December on Netflix) as well as the crime drama/documentary series Real Detective. “I loved working on Travelers, and Eric McCormack [FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren] is a lovely man,” says Mennell. “He’s the real deal and so much fun to work with as well as a nice person to be around. The rest of the cast as well as the crew on Travelers are amazing, too. I can’t give away too much about my character, but I play a lawyer in the episode, and a pretty tough one at that.

“With Real Detective, I have a huge guest-star part in it, and I had the pleasure of working on that show up in Montreal with Anthony Lemke, a really great guy who you probably know from Dark Matter [as Three/Marcus Boone]. The episode was directed by Michel Poulette, an extremely well-known Quebec director who’s fantastic to work with as well. The show was quite an interesting as well as unusual one to shoot because you’re reenacting real-life cases. In this episode, it was the case of Tammy Armstrong, who killed her boyfriend John Maier. You’re only given so much information to work with; you know the general facts of the case and some things got quite detailed, but, for example, I never had any footage of her. Certain things like that were just not accessible, but that didn’t make the work any less enjoyable and I’m curious to see how it turned out.”

Steve Eramo


 24 November, 2016
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So sorry these are late getting posted. I’ve had some computer problems …. AGAIN! And I’m in the process of building another site…that I couldn’t work on due to the computer issues. Seriously, when it rains it pours. Fortunately all the computer issues are laid to rest (for now) and it’s back to business. Sadly though we only have two more episodes of Laura as Rebecca in VAN HELSING left. This season has seemed to fly past. While a truncated season is good on some levels, it sort of makes it a bit hard when you’re just getting into a new show. Also I’ve been a teeny bit disappointed with Laura’s screen time, or lack thereof. I’m hoping going into season two we get more of Rebecca’s backstory with her perhaps moved up to more of a regular.